Golf Rules

The purpose of the Golf Rules is the preservation and operation of the golf property and facilities in the best interest of all members and their families and guests.  Each member is requested to observe the rules and to call them to the attention of others on appropriate occasions. Infraction of any rule should be reported to the Golf Professional, General Manager and/or the Golf Committee.


• First and most importantly, if you have a fever, suffer from any respiratory illness or other symptoms of COVID-19, you are not permitted to play. Further, we ask that you not come to Brookside if you are not well. Our staff has been instructed to refuse services to those who do not appear healthy, and you will be asked to leave. Please do not put them in this position.
• Brookside Staff will continue follow the Governor’s order as required for safe business and food service operations.

• Golf carts, pull carts and walking are permitted. One golfer per cart except in the case of immediate family member.
• Golf carts and pull carts are on a first come/first serve basis. We have a limited number of carts. Our staff will sanitize and maintain golf carts and pull carts prior to and after each use.
• Tee times are required to manage play and ensure social distancing.  To set a tee time, call the Pro Shop at 610-323-9755.  Please speak with staff to confirm your tee time.  Do not leave a voicemail or reply by text or email.
• Tee times are available in 15-minute intervals Tuesday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Weekends 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Mondays, weather permitting, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
• Members will be eligible to book tee times five days in advance with no restrictions on time of day.
• No organized groups exceeding one foursome.
• Please observe social distancing.
• No rakes, ball washers or water will be available on the course. Players are requested to smooth bunkers with their feet.
• Cups will be raised 1’’ above ground. Flagpoles are not to be touched.
• No trash receptacles will be located on golf course. A trash can will be located in the parking area for waste disposal.

• The range will not be open until further notice. Our maintenance staff’s immediate focus will be on the golf course.
• The practice green will have raised cups. Members are expected to use their own golf balls.

• The golf shop will remain closed.
• Restrooms by the portico (entrance to main ballroom) will be available.  Masks must be worn.
• Locker rooms will be closed (members needing equipment or property from locker will be allowed access one time prior to first time playing).

• Food and beverage availability will continue to be take-out only.

• Arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.
• There will be no bag drop or attendant available. Please park your vehicle, walk to staging area to get a golf cart, pick up your clubs from your vehicle and head straight to the 1st tee.
• Members whose bags are still in the bag room will be assisted in retrieving them the first time they play, but after that, all members will be required to load and unload their bags from their cars.
• Staff will not handle or transport bags.
• No tees, scorecards, pencils, ball markers, or other common use items will be provided.
• Bring your own water - there will be no water stations.
• Bring your own towel - towels will not be provided.
• After completing your round, take your clubs and personal belongings straight to your vehicle.
• If you used a golf cart/pull cart, please remove all debris/trash and return your cart to the staging area. The golf staff will properly sanitize and prepare the cart for its next use.
• Congregating or tailgating in the parking lot is not permitted.
• Practice social distancing guidelines as set forth by the CDC.
• We anticipate a high demand for play. We ask for everyone’s cooperation and patience as we implement and update these procedures when necessary.
Disclaimer: Use of the golf course and facilities at BCC may expose you to the COVID-19 Virus. Your decision to use golf carts and access the facilities is made knowingly and voluntarily by you with full knowledge of this risk. If you disagree, do not come to BCC. Otherwise, your play on the course, use of golf carts and access to the facilities shall constitute a waiver and release of BCC from any and all liability with respect to exposure of the COVID-19 virus.



1. Golfing Member Privileges:
All Golfing members shall be entitled to the use of the golf course and practice facilities subject to the rules and regulations herein set forth and to exercise such additional privileges as may be herein conferred.House members may play up to three times a month, but not more than six times per year. 
House members may play in the Brookside Days and Member/Guest Tournaments. 
Full golfing members have first priority in the event of a closed field.
2. New Member Orientation:
The Welcome Committee will acquaint all new members concerning the golf course, services, facilities, operations, and procedures.


1. The commencement and termination of the golf season shall be fixed each year by the Golf Committee, but generally shall extend from April to October.
2. Effect of Commencement and Termination: The rules and regulations contained herein will apply during the entire year. 

Practice Areas:
All practice shall be confined to the areas provided for that purpose.  At no time shall practice be permitted on the golf course.  Select the area which has been designed for the type of shot to be practiced.
Driving Range:
To properly maintain the driving range, it is necessary for the range to close one-half hour before dusk with no exceptions.
The range will be closed until 11:00 AM on Mondays for general maintenance with no exceptions.
Range is subject to close during extreme weather conditions.
Range balls are to be used only on the Driving Range and not used for practice balls on other areas of the golf course.
Please hit range balls to center of range from within roped areas only.
Members may use their own practice balls at times when necessary.
Putting Green:
A putting green, located behind the first tee, is available for the purpose of perfecting the putting and chipping stroke.


All players must sign in at Pro Shop before they begin a round.  Players must have permission from the Golf Professional’s staff before beginning play on Hole Number 10.  In the event of starting play on Number 10, these groups do not have priority over groups turning through Number 9.


  An established handicap is required for participation in any club event.  Handicaps are computed according to the USGA system.  The maximum adjusted handicap allowable for male and female golfers in all club sponsored tournaments and mixed events is 36 and 40 respectively.
  New Members should be informed that if they wish to participate in the tournament program, they must have verified handicaps from their previous club and have played five (10) rounds of golf at Brookside.  The lowest of the two (2) handicaps will be used until twenty (20) rounds have been played with all scores reported.


  Brookside Country Club is a member club of the Golf Association of Philadelphia.  The affiliation permits our male and female members who hold membership cards to play in all Association events as well as have their handicaps calculated by the Association.  Although membership cards act as an introduction to member clubs or clubs of other associations in the country, permission to play the course is a club prerogative.
  The Women’s Golf Association does have a specific scheduled of play at all member clubs.  On their “open” days a member (Golf Association) may visit any listed club and play the course free of any green fees.  The schedule is published annually and posted in the Ladies Locker room. The Women’s Golf Association maintains a membership in other golf associations.


Members are permitted to maintain their own personal lock on their assigned locker in the Men’s and/or Ladies’ Locker Room or they may continue to maintain their assigned club locks if preferred.  All members are urged not to leave valuables of any type in their locker.  The club shall not be held liable for any damage or loss of personal property involving members, guests, or other persons on the club premises.


Due to hours of certain events, it may become necessary to restrict play from time to time.  Please call the club or check the locker room bulletin boards.
  Junior golfers with an established handicap may play at any time after 11:00 AM on Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.
  Junior players, who do not have an established handicap, including participants in the Junior Golf Program, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  Monday – Play may not begin until 11:00 AM


1. Sponsorship of Guests: 
Every guest shall be sponsored by a member who shall be responsible for registering the guest with the Golf Professional prior to play.  To avoid embarrassment, it is required that members call the Pro Shop in advance to register their guest(s).  Where the sponsoring member does not play with the guest and does not personally register the guest with the Golf Professional, the sponsoring member shall call the Pro Shop and make the necessary arrangements.
2. Guest Fees:
  Fees for all guests and social members including members of outside groups shall be established from time to time by the Golf committee with approval of the Board of Governors.
  Everyday from April 1st to October 31st (except Monday &Thursday) - $80.00 per player includes all fees
  Monday & Thursday Special Guest Fee (year-round) - $50.00 per player includes all fees (Special Monday Guest Fee does not apply to holidays)
  Every day from November 1st to March 31st - $50.00 per player includes all fees
3. Bunker Fee:
$2.50 per day.  All members are required to pay this regardless of the number of holes played. 
4. Guest Limitations:
a. On weekends and holidays guests must be accompanied by a member.  On weekdays, guests may play unaccompanied by a member.
b. Members playing with more than two (2) guests on a weekend or holiday are not permitted to tee off before 11:30 AM.  All such play must start after 11:30 AM.
c. The limit for guest visits is six (6) times per season per individual.
d. In unusual and rare instances, with approval by the Golf Committee or General Manager, exceptions to above limitations may be granted. 

5. Conduct of Guests:           
  Every member who entertains a golfing guest or guests, including any member or members who sponsor an outside group shall assume responsibility including financial responsibility imposed by these rules or by other rules of the club for the conduct and actions of such guests or members of outside groups while the latter are upon the Club’s premises. 
  All guests, including members of outside groups are expected to preserve the good condition of the golf course, to repair all damage occasioned by play, to display courtesy and consideration toward other golfers by adhering to the Rules of Golf Etiquette, and to obey the Rules of Golf.  Compliance by each guest, including each member of an outside group, with these requirements shall be the responsibility of the member or members who invited the guest or sponsored the outside group. 
  Proper golf attire is required for all.


General Reminders:
1. All play is governed by the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA), except as expressly modified by any local rules adopted and published by the Golf Committee.
2. Ball Mark – Prior to putting, the player should repair damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball.  Observance of this rule maintains the uniformity of our green and the enjoyment of the game.
3. CAUTION – Please pay special attention to automobile traffic when teeing off from number 10 and 14 Blue Championship tees and number 14 and 16 White tees. 


1. Purpose and Function:
a. The purpose of the Golf Committee shall be to provide orderly and continuous supervision to all golfing activities at Brookside Country Club toward the end that all golfing members shall derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction from participation in the sport.
b. It is the function of the Golf Committee to oversee rules and regulations relating to the conduct of all golfers on the course. 

2. Organization:
a. The Golf Committee shall consist of a chairman or co-chairman and members so selected by the chairman or co-chairman.
b. The Golf Committee is a sub-committee of the Green Committee.
c. The President of the Club, the Chairman of the Green Committee, General Manager and the Golf Professional shall be members ex-officio of the Golf Committee. 

3. Meetings:
a. Meetings of the Golf Committee shall be held at such times as the chairman shall designate.
a. All members are encouraged to submit their views, suggestions, or complaints with full particulars in writing to the committee. 


1. Purpose and Function:           
The purpose of the Green Committee shall be to supervise, construct and maintain the physical layout of the golf course and other golfing facilities, physical condition of the golf course and other golfing facilities and all roads, bridges, structures and equipment in and upon the golf course and other golfing facilities, as well as to provide and maintain all tools, machinery and equipment required to carry out the foregoing.
2. Organization:           
The Green Committee shall consist of a chairman who shall be appointed by the President to serve during the term of the President and such other members as the Chairman shall select.  The President of the Club, the Chairman of the Golf Committee, the General Manager, the Green Superintendent and the Golf Professional shall be members ex-officio of the Green Committee.

3. Meetings:
a. Meetings of the Green Committee shall be held at such times as the chairman shall designate.
b. All members are encouraged to submit their views, suggestions, or complaints with full particulars in writing to the committee.


1. Pro-Shop:           
  The Golf Professional has his headquarters in the Pro Shop which is open prior to play until play is completed from March 1st until December 31st.
  The storage area will be open in the Pro Shop until all have finished play.
  Beginning November 1st, the Pro Shop and storage area will be open Tuesday through Sunday and Closed on Mondays.
  Pro Shop hours: Weekdays – 8:00 AM to Dusk & Weekends – 7:00 AM to Dusk.
2. Club Storage:           
Club storage is optional.
3. Golf Instruction:           
The Golf Professional and his staff provide golf instructions to members and their families, at their request, either individually or in groups, clinics, and at an appropriate charge for such services.
4. Interpretation of Rules of Golf:           
As requested, the Golf Professional interprets or advises on the official U.S.G.A and local club rules for members and their guests. However, it must be understood that he is not responsible for enforcing such rules.  Such enforcement is the responsibility of the Golf Committee.
5. Registration of Guests:           
The Golf Professional is responsible for verifying the fact that guests are properly sponsored by a member.
6. Tournament Supervision:           
The Golf Professional is responsible for the execution of Tournament Plans prepared by the Golf Committee.  Under the supervision of the General Manager, and with the cooperation of the Green Superintendent, he will coordinate the use of personnel and facilities to promote good competitive conditions at all scheduled events.
7. Opening and Closing of Golf Course:
a. The Green Superintendent, Golf Pro, and General Manager will have the authority to open and close the golf course.
b. Lightning Protection – All play will be halted at the sound of one blast from an air horn.  Players are instructed to vacate the course and follow appropriate instructions.  Play will resume only at the discretion of the Pro Shop.
c. Frost – Delays may occur in opening the course during early spring, late fall, and winter months.  Failure to observe these delays may warrant possible suspension of playing privileges. 


1. Hand Carts:           
Hand carts may be used when available and must be rented from the Pro Shop.

2. Golf Carts:           
The Club will endeavor to provide carts in sufficient numbers to supply those authorized to use them.

3. Use of Carts on Course:
a. Carts shall be operated only on club property.
b. Carts shall not be driven up on teeing or putting surfaces, nor through sand traps.
c. At no time shall a cart be operated within sixty (60) feet of the collar of any green or within areas restricted by painted or staked lines.
d. Wherever cart paths have been provided, carts shall be operated thereon.
e. Cart users must heed all cart directional signs and prohibitions.
g. At no time shall more than two (2) people occupy a cart.
i. Any infraction of these rules shall be grounds for suspension of cart privileges.


(Applies to the Golf Course, Driving Range, and the Putting Green during the golf season.)
Members as well as their guests are requested to observe the following dress code:
Golf shirts must have collars and be tucked in at all times.  Golf slacks, shorts, skirts and skorts that are sold in our pro shop or through golf retailers are appropriate.  Denim slacks and shorts are not permitted. Cargo pants and shorts are NOT permitted.  Shorts may be no higher than mid-thigh.  Proper golf footwear is required at all times.  Golf footwear must have soft spikes.  Hats must be worn in the forward-facing position.  Tank tops, t-shirts and bathing suits are not permitted. 


1. Responsibility of Players:           
Every player shall at all times be responsible for protecting and preserving the good condition of the golf course.
Every player is responsible for any damage incurred by the striking of a golf ball.  Brookside Country Club assumes no responsibility through errant play.
2. Bunkers:           
All footprints and holes made by a player in a bunker shall be carefully leveled as soon as they have played from it.  Rakes are provided in the vicinity of bunkers for this purpose.  Players are requested to enter and leave bunkers at the walk-out or low point of the trap.
3. Divots:           
Any turf displaced by a player on any part of the golf course shall be replaced and pressed down.  Divot buckets are provided on the carts and at tee areas for this purpose.
4. Greens:           
Any damage to the putting green made by the player or his ball must be repaired before the player leaves the green.
5. Litter on Course:           
Trash baskets are placed at convenient locations throughout the course and should be used by all players for disposal of all waste.


If such distinction can be made in any sport, golf is truly a gentleman’s game, and failure by any players or spectators to observe the courtesies which are a part of the game can seriously affect the pleasure and scores of other players.  The careful observance of these courtesies, therefore, becomes as much a part of the game as accurate scoring or the observance of any other rules of golf.  In part, the rules of golf etiquette are listed here for your guidance.

1. No person should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
2. In the interest of all, players should play on their turn, without delay, should not loiter between shots, and should leave the putting green immediately after play if a hole has been completed.
3. Players who are not maintaining the pace of play and are holding up following players shall promptly invite them to play through and shall not resume their own play until those players are out of range.  A measure of whether the pace of play is being maintained is the development of an open space of one full hole or more.
4. Players searching for a ball shall allow other players coming up to pass them without delay, they shall signal to the players following them to pass and shall not continue their play until those players have passed out of range.  A player is permitted to search for a ball for five minutes before the ball must be declared lost and the match resumed, but this does not excuse a failure to wave through a following match while the search is in progress.
5. The Golf Course is no place for the use of loud, profane or vulgar language. The throwing of golf clubs will not be tolerated.  Any violation should be reported for disciplinary action to the General Manager, Golf Professional and to the Golf Committee for appropriate action. 


1.  Firearms and Hunting:
a. The discharge of firearms upon the Club property is prohibited at all times.
b. Hunting upon Club property is prohibited at all times.
2.  Alcoholic beverages may NOT be brought onto the Club property AT ANY TIME.  All beverages must be purchased from the Club.
3.  Recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, mini-bikes, ATV’s, go-carts, snowmobiles or any similar vehicle is strictly prohibited on Club property (Golf Course).
4.  All trespassers involved in the destruction or vandalism of any Club property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.